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2021 Volunteer Registration Form

About you

In case of emergency, please contact:

Previous MI3DE experience

This will help us to place you in a suitable role.

Volunteer preferences

Please select your preference for each team. You can be part of as many teams as you like, so feel free to change up each day if you wish.
If you select YES, the available jobs and day/s will appear. Most of the discipline specific jobs require you to select a minimum of TWO job preferences on each day/s you are available. We will do our best to accommodate these.
All positions run for the full day, unless specified otherwise.
Please take the time to read the position descriptions if you are unsure.
In particular for the SPECIALIST ROLES, as these require previous experience.
The full event timetable can be found at under the ''Event Info" tab
At the end you will find a comments section if you would like to add any notes to your preferences.


NB: We will email you a camping registration form closer to the event.

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